INTERNATIONAL & Domestic Services

Ashong Guarantee Express offers domestic pet relocation services for those planning to move to another state.
In order to travel domestically within most countries and especially the USA, your pet will need a Current Rabies Vaccination & Rabies Vaccination Certificate and a Domestic Health Certificate. The services we provide for domestic relocation includes:

Ashong Guarantee Express is adamant about remaining in compliance of all USDA regulations and we pride ourselves in providing services that exceed these requirements.In order to comply with USDA policies and ensure the best travel experience for your pets, we have provided a list of items that are required during their trip. Not only do these items ensure that our transports are meeting USDA standards, but they also create a familiar and restful environment for your family members during their journey.

1) For Dogs and Cats, we will need an official, multi-copy health certificate for interstate travel issued by the state you currently reside in. This may be obtained from your licensed veterinarian and should be no more than 10 days old at the time of your pet’s trip.

2) Ashong Guarantee Express will supply all documents that will need to be filled out by you a minimum of 7 day’s prior to transport date.

3) When our transport specialist arrives to pick up your pets, we ask that you have all of your pet’s documentation ready.
All immunization and health records.

Any special information pertaining to diet or medications should be included for each pet. Again all forms will be sent you via e-mail, fax or mail whichever is easier for you.

Express Door Steps Guarantee Service recommends that you gather some things together to help your pet have a comfortable trip. Read more about svenska spelautomater. Although your pets’ comfort and enjoyment is our first priority, we simply aren’t his or her loved ones. Pets are happiest when they have something nearby to remind them of the joys of home. It’s a good idea to provide a favorite toy and even a small piece of your clothing so they can be reminded of you by smell (your scent).

Please be sure to let us know if your pet has any other special needs not already mentioned here.
Again, our first priority is the safety and comfort of your pets during their trip. Please take the time to be as thorough as possible with the above suggestions and legal requirements.



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